I find these shoes such a treat to look at - it's hard to explain, but like a really detailed painting or intriguing sculpture, to me they're pieces of art that I can barely tear my eyes away from. And obviously art is completely subjective, so I'd understand if you didn't feel the same way!

But just look at that kooky chunky heel and the combination of brown, nude and white matte leather with the metallic gold finish and tell me they're not completely bizarre in an entirely want-to-keep-staring way? Hey, you can always appreciate art even if it's not something you'd buy for yourself and these shoes sort of fit into that same category. I'm still not sure I would even wear them myself - it might take a bit more staring to figure that out. But if you have already decided you would, you can find them at Farfetch, where they're on sale for £204.

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