melissa-origami.jpgWe all like to revel in the joy of our latest shoe purchase, so I hope you'll forgive me for a moment while I talk about mine.

Charity shops aren't usually a great place to find shoes, in my experience, since even on those rare occasions where you do find something lovely and in your size it invariably turns out that its previous owner had bunyons or a fungal foot infection adding a certain unwanted 'aroma' to your purchase.

The shoes I found at Save The Children in Edinburgh ARE scented, but happily, not in the way I've come to expect from second-hand stores: instead, they have the unmistakable bubblegum smell of a pair of brand new Melissa shoes, as the shop is selling off unworn 'Origami' shoes in various sizes for a fiver. I'd only gone in for an umbrella, but was more than happy to come out with two extra waterproof items in my bag. Just look how shiny they are! These look wonderful with sundresses and are elegantly quilted for extra comfort. Can't make it to Edinburgh? They're also on sale for £22 (reduced from £45) here.

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