newbark-gold.jpgThese gold lamé flats by NewbarK (capitalisation intentional) are rather lovely, I'm sure you'll agree: they address the need for 'elegant slumming' that's so beloved of Yummy Mummies, home workers and yoga bunnies, but check out the price tag: £395 for what is essentially a ballet flat - and no, that's not real gold in the fabric.

I write about a lot of very expensive shoes and I will happily hand over quite ludicrous sums for well made, well designed high quality pieces of footwear. But I can't think of any justification for charging so much for fabric shoes, however lovely. I do, personally, like the style: it's a really stylish hybrid of ballerina, jazz shoe and sports pump, made up in some beautiful fabric finishes that will go with anything - but I'm still rather stunned. If you want to 'buy into' this new shoe trend, however, they're available in a range of colour combinations, £295 at Net-a-porter