goth-shoes.jpg'Goth' is a style that refuses to die, and it's going to be returning vampire-like to the fashion scene this autumn with more lifeblood running through its veins than ever before. As anyone whose ever been shopping in Camden knows, you'll never be short of places to look if you like the Goth style, so why not bypass the many goth-inspired shoes and boots this season and go straight for the jugular with an authentic pair from a bona fide Goth designer?

The styles are often a bit more extreme than you'll find on the high street: platforms are higher and straps are more strappy. But these are all looks that are referenced in current styles if you're willing to experiment, the results can be very striking. And you may find that prices are less inflated, too.

Follow the jump for details on each shoe!

Clockwise, from top left:

Multi-strap, platform 'Magic' Boot, £86 at Pennangalen

Studded 'Daisy' Mary Jane by Demonia, £41 at

Camo-canvas 'Rocker 56' boot, £20 at

'Bordello' black burgandy shoes with ribbon and lace, £46 at Kate's Clothing

'Charade' Gothic black lace-detail platforms, £39.99 at Dark Kitten

'Deviant 08' Emo-style canvas pumps, £32 at Dark Kitten