alexander-mcqueen-houndstooth2.jpgAlexander McQueen's love affair with the Dallas era lives on as he brings out another line of footwear and accessories in houndstooth fabric. I have to say, I think the print works particularly well on ankle boots, but it's the pointed toes and - again - the interestingly pinched heel that mark these out as quality footwear.

It would be a shame to wear these boots without fully 'buying in' to the glam lifestyle look, I think, and they'd certainly look their best as part of a sharp, besuited outfit with plenty of oversized jewellery pieces and some black leather thrown into the mix. I expect copies of this style from almost every highstreet retailer, but suspect that anything other than the real deal will look a bit naff. Le'ts wait and see!

£425 at Browns

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