BWLogoTM1.jpgBrowsing Ebay used to be like visiting the best charity shop in the world and finding all sorts of bargain goodies, without the general smell of old lady. Lately though, I've found the number of decent finds have been dwindling, and the prices have been increasing. Not good.

I think I've found where all the finds have been disappearing to though. originally came into my line of vision when I discovered them on twitter. Unlike Ebay, they don't just offer the opportunity for people to sell and buy clothing, shoes and accessories. You can also swap with other users in a great big fashion recycling environment. It comes across as the more fashionable sister of Ebay, and this is reflected in the items on the site.


It's a great place to pick up a pair of designer shoes at a much lower price too, like these Christian Louboutin studded boots (left) from the 09 A/W collection. The boots were originally bought for £150, and they're now only £95 due to some a couple of the studs being slightly damaged.

Plus they've got a typo in the title. Bad news for them but great news for you as it won't come up on the search results. Therefore less competition! They're a UK size 4.5 and the seller is happy to swap for a leather bag or shoes too.

gucci black heels2.jpg

These Gucci High heels (right) are currently selling for £355 on the Gucci website, but you can grab them for only £175! They've only been worn once before and so they're in excellent condition. The only downside is that they're a size 3, so far too small to squeeze my size 5's into. It's worth checking out this sellers other items too as she's got some fab designer pieces going.

I haven't used Bigwardrobe yet, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for my dream shoes in a size 5.

Have you used Bigwardrobe before? What's your experience of it?