work-boots-2.JPGWe've seen a lot of styles recently that are essentially going in for the 'knackered old boot' look, and personally I'm loathed to splash out on a boot that looks like something you might discard at a festival. Ideally, if you're going to go for this look you should hold out for a happy charity shop purchase or see if you've kept back any old boots from school.

Alternatively, you could look beyond the usual mainstream haunts and check out some of the authentic goth styles we looked at last week, but the next best thing is probably high street staples Office and River Island. Office's 'Marlon' ankleboot on the left is tough, grungy and cool, and will set you back £85. River Island's lace-up boot, right, has a very DM-like feel to it but is a fair bit cheaper at £64.99.

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