officeshoessuedepink.jpgThe common sense side of my brain is telling me that these Office Slip It On shoes are a seriously impractical purchase for the next few months. They're suede, so they're destined to be destroyed by the onslaught of Autumn rain. They're bright pink, so they're not going to go with much of my, primarily green and purple, wardrobe. I have a feeling my feet would look a little choked in the high cut ankle design too. Plus the likelihood of me losing the ability to walk normally after an hour in these is pretty low

That's the common sense side of my brain though. The shopping side of my brain is screaming to me that I need these shoes. The cute bow on the back. The unusual cut of the edges making it perfect for skinny jeans! The gorgeous cheery colour! Did I mention the cute bow on the back? I really want these shoes, and I definitely have an opening for a bright pink suede shoe-boot in my collection.

They're £68 and also come in black if you're not feeling the pink ones.

It's not the only pair of pink shoes I've got my eye on at Office though...


The common sense side of my brain would love these JuJu Happy Knee Welly Pink Rubber Wellies. The sweet pink colour is subtle enough to go with jeans and pretty floral dresses. The wellies are ideally suited for splashing about in muddy puddles and will last you all the way round to festival season next year. They're yours for £25 from office.


These Pentlow Prom Pink Patents were featured almost a year ago on the site, and they are a bit of a Marmite item. I personally fall into the love side of things, as they a bit of a 50's kitch flavour which I can see myself wearing with a retro prom dress. Sadly there's only one left, in a size 8! You can also get it in the more demure black or navy in a couple of
other sizes.


These Lotus Hallmark Gogo Lightning Flash Courts are the ultimate 80's shoe. Bright, brash,and featuring a banana style heel, these shoes will definitely give a standard black outfit a quirky edge. I particularly like the flash detail on the back, even if it has got the Flash Gordon song stuck in my head.