Every girl's handbag needs a few essential items. You've got your obvious choices, your phone, purse and lipgloss, and then you've got those other things you need 'just in case'. Umbrella's, hairslides and my trusty Redfoot Revolution shoes all fall into the latter category.

For those not familar with the brand, RR produce fold up shoes that you can put into your handbag for work commutes, round the office, and that long walk home after a night on the dance floor. I've got a few pairs in various handbags, and I've bought them for friends for Christmas and birthdays as everyone tends to ask where they can get some.

So I was pretty excited to hear they'd bought out a new range....and even more excited to hear that it's Sex and the City themed, and comes in this gorgeous mini shoe box (right)

Admittedly the film isn't out until May next year, but a girl's got to prepare! I'll start with these Charlotte pumps.Like Charlotte herself, they're classy and sophisticated, and yet the sequinned floral detail on the front adds a little of a glitzy edge. They're £39.99

                                                                            The shoes on the left are undeniably the Carrie of the collection. The slightly clashing large corsage and the candy pink colour are all staples of the lead actress's wardrobe. Again, these are also £39.99.

miranda.jpgThese Miranda pumps are nice, but a little dull. I know a fair few people who think that fairly reflects the character herself, but I'm a big fan of Miranda's so I'm a little disappointed. It would have been nice to see something that embodied the character more, like a sharp style suitable for working in the city.samantha.jpg

Finally, you've got the Samantha, which is unsurprisingly bold, brash and a little bit sexy. I really like the snakeskin pattern and the bold charm.