louboutin-champagne-glass.jpgA good champagne demands a stylish drinking vessel, and what could be classier than a crystal flute designed by Christian Louboutin?

The opulent glasses, which were specially designed for Piper-Heidsieck champagne, are made in the shape of a shoe featuring Louboutin's iconic red sole. They celebrate the historic French tradition of 'Le Rituel' which involved a man drinking from a woman's shoe. It sounds downright kinky to me, but apparently that was once considered the ultimate declaration of love among the French aristocracy.

If you'd like to drink from Louboutin's shoes, you'll need to book a table at Mews of Mayfair where the glasses are in use. Whatever you do, don't get tiddly on the bubbly and drop one: they're priceless items.