The show to create the most buzz from Paris Fashion Week over the past 24 hours came from Alexander McQueen. The British design legend once again brought out the big guns to present the most whimsical and outrageous collection of the week.

Collaborating with Lady Gaga (naturally, I mean look at those shoes), McQueen's live stream of his show was brought to a sudden end after Gaga fans logged onto to hear the world premiere of her latest single which was played on the catwalk. Note to Gaga: it probably wasn't wise to Tweet that you were debuting your hot new track just 30 mins prior to show time. Oops!

But back to those incredible shoes...

Models morphed into reptiles and robots wearing intricate digital prints, and stomped down the runway in heavily rounded fetish-style platforms. Adorned with everything from snakeskin to chunks of coloured crystal, they had fashion followers in a Twitter frenzy.

Works of art they might be. But would you wear them?

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