4239.jpgI'd wear tights all year round if I could get away with it. Black tights, bare tights, tights with the sexy seem up the back...I have almost as many pairs of tights as I have pairs of shoes. Almost.

At the moment everyone seems to be wearing statement tights. The Henry Holland mock stocking tights are massively popular at the moment, and I'm counting down the days until payday when I can join the bandwagon.

Not all tights are gorgeous though. See this cat collage on the right? Celeste Stein chose this particular pattern for a pair of tights! As if that's not ugly enough, you'll actually be charged £12.67 to wear them.

Celeste Stein isn't the only designer churning out ugly tights though....


Admittedly, I have a pair of tights like this. I wore it for a fancy dress night out when I was at university.There's just something a little bit Pat Butcher about the pairing of animal print tights and bright red patent shoes. Still, if you do fancy walking on the wild side (sorry!) you can buy these Jonathan Aston tights for £8.


I actually love the pattern on these tights. Unfortunately, I love the pattern as a wallpaper, not hosiery. My fear with these is that I'd enter my favourite cocktail bar, and blend into the walls. They're from Emilio Cavallini, and you can buy them for £16.90. Potentially a Christmas present for the girl who liked to co-ordinate everything in her life.


Oooh look, an antique rug! Yup, another designer who's confused home furnishings with fashion legwear. This time it's Pamela Mann who has created these Flower Mosaic Tights for £10, and you can buy them from Oli.co.uk.


I'm sure plenty of people will disagree with these tights being in an ugly list, but I really don't want to £12 on a pair of ripped up old tights. Especially when they're as ripped up as these Urban Outfitters ones.