yay-or-nay-sensible.jpgSpeaking as someone who'd dearly love to wear more pointy, strappy, flimsy shoes but can't due to the curse of wide feet, I was jumping for joy when I read recent reports on how swathes of women are ditching foot-maiming shoes in favour of more comfortable styles. These in turn, thanks to all the lovely, stylish women who are wearing them, are becoming 'Hot Stuff'. And I've noticed this on the shoe blogs, too. Styles that would once have been considered 'grannyish' are suddenly being held up as must-have items.

There are some gorgeous styles out there at the moment that are eminently sensible in terms of foot health and comfort, from the trend for 'boyfriend shoes' - which challenge the idea that only men can wear un-punishing shoes - to the ever more on-trend styles from traditional purveyors of sensible shoes, like Clarks (whose 'Be Hold' loafter pictured above is the very epitome of comfort and style) and M&S. But what do you think? Is this a trend that can continue, or is this just another futile attempt to pit 'granny shoes' against timeless high-heeled classics that will never - ever - go out of style?