ballet flats.jpgFair play to Amy Winehouse, she's managed to clean up her act this year and is said to be 100% free of illegal drugs after some time away from London and a certain on/off husband. She's even splashed out on a new pair of boobs to give her back some of her curvier figure.

Which is great. However there's one area of her life she hasn't cleaned up on, and it's starting to bother me.

Those old (and stained) ballet shoes need to go.

She's either walking about town in those or, even worse, wandering around barefoot. I think it's about time she invested in some new shoes.

Here are a few suggestions.


These bronze ballet flats from Office are similar enough to her current footwear of choice without the whole unclean element. They're also discounted to £15, so there's no reason why Amy cant splash out and grab it in a couple of different colours.


The Suede Frill front flats on the right are from New Look for £20. Amy can pop these on when she's glamming up for a more formal occasion. A pretty option, but it would be really nice to see Amy in a pair of gorgeous killer heels. A bit like these....


....Dune Jadore Double Diamante Bow court shoes. Pretty, sparkly and with a stonking heel, this is the kind of shoe that has true star power. Much like Miss Winehouse!

Ballet pump image courtesy of melalouise