Angelinetourniertrainer.jpgAngeline Tournier is a fairly new addition to my shop browsing activities, but I'm really impressed with their girly twist on the fairly unglamorous trainer.

These bling-tastic heart trainers on the right are £189. We featured the silver versions back in 2008, which featured a red heart.

Pop them on your Christmas list. After all those Christmas dinners and chocolate treats, you'll need something pretty impressive to persuade you to hit the gym.

They've also got some pretty ballerina flats too, which you can see below.


These Ballerina contrasting flats are pretty much the best way of glamming up your feet without getting soggy toes. You can buy these for £161.

Angeline Tournier are more well known for their, shall we say colourful, shoes and wedges. These classic patent Mary Janes are somewhat more classic. Plus, they're in the sale for £84.

Finally, the brand offers these riding boots with a feminine rose detail carved into the back. Definitely much prettier than the usual clumpy boots, even if the price is a bit ouchy at £257.