miniuggboots.jpgOne of the best things about kids clothing is the adorable range of minature shoes, based on the popular versions owned by their parents.

Writing for other parenting sites means I come across a lot of these on a daily basis. Take the mini uggs on the right. I've seen these pop up a lot recently, but they really are too cute to ignore. They're available in pink, tan, and leapord. They're only £44.99 too, much more affordable than their bigger brothers.

Cute, but not the only mini shoe on the block.

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These affordable Pink Converse shoes are only £19.99, and come in navy, pink and white. Pop them on your little one when they're just starting to toddle and you'll have a seriously cool looking offspring.

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The trend for Timberlands may have waned a little lately, but these tough looking booties are still in demand by style concious parents who want to stay a step ahead of the rest. They're a fairly reasonable £24.99 too.

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These mini Black and White Vans are the ultimate trend setters choice, with their chequered upper and matching heel.They're also the cheapest option at £14.99.

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These mini Adidas Goodyear Race V trainers (£30) are the kind of trainers I can see Coleen and Wayne picking up for baby Kai, to prepare him for his footballing future.

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The final choice is definitely one for those with their tongue firmly in cheek. Heelarious High Heels are a brand of high heeled shoes for babies. These 'Stella' heels are $30.You can even buy heeled cowboy boots. It's a little bit ick for me, but I guess at least it would be a talking point at family parties.