bow-flats.jpgThere comes a time in all of our lives when we have to peel off the thigh high boots and step out of the stilettos for some serious podiatric downtime - and I'm not talking about the onset middle-age, I'm talking about the end of the day when all the walking you want to do is from sofa to kitchen, and possibly out to the corner shop to pick up a bottle of plonk.

This time calls for flatties, and if your flats aren't comfortable, then what's the point? These ones are from M&S which pretty much guarantees comfort from the get-go, but they're also in the footglove range, which is a bit like a holiday for the feet. Best of all though - they've got bows on them! So even while you're vegging out, you can cling on to some vestiges of style. I happen to find them rather cute.

£35 from Marks & Spencer