jimmychoo_hm_shoes.jpgChances are we've all suffered for our footwear at some point in our lives - whether that means pinching our toes in stilettos, going into the red to finance a must-have style or just sacrificing a day searching for that perfect pair. But would you stay up on a cold November night waiting to pounce on a style you really wanted, away from home as the worst storm of the year rages above?

Basingstoke Gazette reported last week that 24-year-old Kate Smith from South Ham did just this to get her hands on a pair of sandals from Jimmy Choo's wallet-friendly range for H&M. Along with her long-suffering fiancé, Kate stayed up for 12 hours to be first in the queue when the Jimmy Choo range went on sale at the chain's regent street branch in London, and eventually left with the sandals pictured top right.

Does this behaviour seem a little extreme to you - or would you cheerfully take drastic measures to land a pair of shoes you loved if you knew it was in high demand?

Don't want to queue? You can get the real deal here: a pair of 'discount' Jimmy Choos for £148.