fashion-stage.jpgOur recent poll concluded that most of you are more than happy to spend your pennies online, and are now getting quite used to doing your shoe shopping barefoot in the bedroom -- far from the stresses and crowds of the high street, and often closer to the true bargains.

With that in mind, I've been checking out a few more web-based shoe stores, tracking down the best places to find our favourite brands online. Fashion Stage is a new one on me, but having touched base with its owners at Clothes Show Live, I feel like I've been missing out! They've got loads of Shoewawa favourites in stock, including Harajuku Lovers, Betsey Johnson and L.A.M.B - all big stateside labels that can be a pain to track down in the UK. So if Santa isn't likely to bring you transatlantic travel vouchers this Christmas, Fashion Stage could be your ticket to all those hard-to-find US styles and more. Check out the shoe section here.