bird-heels.jpgAt first glance, these decadent Nina Ricci heels appear to have been caught in an ice storm, their heels freezing over into gigantic icicles. But on closer inspection they reveal a theme even more festive and seasonal: they're decorated with two turtle doves whose wings overhang the back and sides of the heel. Wow.

Much as I love a shoe boot, I can't help feeling a little disappointed that Ms. Ricci didn't opt to plant these gorgeous statement heels on the bottom of a slightly more elegant shoe: perhaps a delicate little D'orsay or classic court. But worn against an identical black background of thick tights, I can see how these close-fitting boots will create the most incredible, gravity defying effect. For once in my life, I wish the website I found them on did model shots!

£1149 at Farfetch

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