toeshoes.jpgAs the year draws to a close, it's time we look back on the last 12 months and take stock of the important things.

Like really really ugly shoes.

2009 has gifted us with so many visually offensive shoes. Abi shared these delights on the right with us back in August. The Comme Des Garcons "toe" shoes are not only vom-worthy, but the creator's will charge you £481.82 for the 'pleasure' of wearing them.

Here are four more weird and (not so) wonderful shoes from 2009.

These boots from Marsell were bought to us by Steph, and she pretty much hit the nail on the head with her 'human skin' description.

It's the kind of boot Jigsaw from Saw would pop on his Christmas list.

It's the heel on this that really creeps me out, it's got to be a world of pain to walk on too.

In fairness on the site, they have now discounted it to £359. Still not tempted though.

leapordskinchilli.jpgWho doesn't need a pair of leopard skin platform shoes with a small plastic aquarium floating around in the heel?

Oh, that's right. Anyone sane.

Kimberly picked up on these horrendous shoes back in January. They're from Pleaser and are rather suitably christened as the 'Pimp' shoe. They come in a multitude of colours if they do take your fancy.

Catwalk fashion shows an always be relied on to show us the wackiest styles that us normal folk wouldn't touch with a bargepole.

If you didn't realise from the smattering of logos, these boots are from Louis Vuitton. For some reason, whoever sat down and designed these boots felt the need to adorn them with a white ponytail and some form of wooden tube.


maxipadshoes.jpgFinally, my top Ugly shoe of the year is the Maxi Pad Slippers on the right.

You read right.

Literally the nastiest craft item I've seen all year (and that includes the gems on Regretsy) there's actually a how-to guide on how to make these sanitary slippers here.

Now it's over to you! What's your ugliest shoe of 2009?