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Merry Christmas, dear readers! Here's a nice easy poll that shouldn't be too much effort, however much buck's fizz you've already consumed...

Gone are the days when exciting and extravagant styles were only available to those willing to splash out on designer names: high street fashion is savvier and smarter than ever these days, whether you're after original and funky styles or faithful designer homages.

This year has seen many of the high street names we're used to such as Office, Faith and Topshop going good guns, but all have been given a hard run for their money by the likes of Redherring, M&S and Matalan - brands that certainly haven't always been cool. New Look has also raised its game pretty impressively in the last year. I've picked out a few of the styles that stood out the strongest in 2009, so vote for your favourite style in the poll below and we'll see who comes out on top!

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