buying-online-tips.jpgShoe sizes can be a bit of a joke. Even if your feet are identically-shaped and a standard full size, there'll be times when you try on a pair in your usual size and find they don't fit you at all. Of course, it may come down to the style of shoe, the pointiness of the toe or the width, but the fact remains that different labels can have wildly different ideas on sizing. This is why online shoe shopping can be such a minefield.

I recently bought a pair of shiny Stella McCartney boots at The Outnet, lured in by a great price. When they arrived, I immediately noted that the UK 4 I'd ordered looked more like a UK 2, but tried them for size anyway. It was borderline, and since I'd accidentally scratched up the heels in the process, I had to keep them. Fortunately in this case it was just a matter of getting used to the style, and they now have pride of place in my wardrobe. But if they HAD been the wrong size I'd have had to pay to send them back, if the shop would even accept them back at all.

I have to admit, it has put me off online shoe shopping - perhaps unless I've tried the shoe on first. But assuming you've seen your dream shoe, in your 'usual' size online and are unable to try it on, do you buy?