bjfish.jpgI think Bitching & Junkfood may be my favourite brand name of 2010 so far. The name is quirky, tongue in cheer and symbolic of everything I love, and the products they offer follow a similar theme.

The Gold Fish Tights on the right are from the Gal Stern range of legwear.

They're screen printed by hand, giving a studded detail to the knees. Basically, you're going to look like you're heading to a really fabulous roller disco in these babies.

These ones are £30, and come in one size.

Like the unique style? Here are a couple more from the range.


There's something a tiny bit Harry Potter inspired about these Eagle Tights, Bitching & Junkfood (£30)


Bit of a split personality going on with these Fish Scale Tights from Bitching & Junkfood (£30)