ziggybluecourtshoe.jpgThere's nothing better then a multi-purpose product is there? Which is why I wish I'd spotted these clever shoes before I dragged four pairs of shoes with me on holiday recently.

The shoes have a removable cover that you can place over the heel. This will support and protect the heel during the day. Then when it comes to a night out, you can pop it off to reveal a bright contrasting heel, as you can see from the Ziggy shoes on the right (£119.25)

Here's a sneak peak at the ankle boots too.


The alternative heel option isn't just limited to the high heels in the range.

The Lana shoeboot on the left has a black studded cover, and a metallic contrast heel. It's a classic style too so it's got plenty of wear in it.

Available in black and purple, the style comes in at £111.75, discounted in the sale from £149.