shoe-new-year.jpgAre you on a quest to accumulate the finest shoe collection known to humanity? If not, then frankly you're not trying hard enough. Any self-respecting shoe lover should make it their mission in life to find the perfect pair of party shoes, the most comfortable (yet stylish) flats and running shoes that can double up as eveningwear in an emergency. Got that?

Or perhaps not, but those are the sort of thoughts that go through my crazed mind whenever I find myself confronted with temptation in footwear departments. This year, I want to try and avoid panic-buying bad shoes, but only splash out when I'm completely sure a pair will be with me for many years to come. How can this be done? I have a few mantras in mind...

I will experiment wisely. We've all been tempted by a new style, only to find after a week of attempting to walk in it that it doesn't suit our feet. Years of trial and error have taught me, for example, that my wide feet mean I will never, repeat never, pull off D'Orsays. It was a difficult truth to swallow, but I'm over it now. You need to figure out where your footwear boundaries are too, and avoid the temptation to splash out on new styles that won't work for you. Don't see it as missing out - see it as an opportunity to spend more on the styles you look best in.

I will take better care of my shoes. When I get a pair of shoes I really, really like, separating me from said footwear is a tough job. I'll happily wear them every day, until the heels are damaged and the rain has taken its toll. This year, I'll resist the temptation to wear my favourite suede booties in wet weather, and will do my best to cycle the (admittedly adequate supply of) shoes I could be wearing instead, reducing wear and tear. I'll also book in with Timpsons to give my favourite shoes a quick MOT once I've detected signs of damage.

More resolutions over the jump...

I will try before I buy. Damn The Outnet for tempting me to buy designer shoes I've never even held let alone tried on! I almost came a cropper when I ordered a pair of fabulous Stella McCartney boots in a style that really don't suit my feet (see earlier note) but was fortunate in finding out that the quality of the shoes just about made them comfortable - for at least the duration of a short to medium-length party. In general though, I'd suggest never spending money on a pair of shoes you haven't physically tried - sized vary so much and styling makes more difference than you ever expect.

I will learn to walk better in heels. My posture is awful, and it's no wonder that I wear heels down in a space of days. I also get terrible backache, and don't doubt that my habit of wearing lofty shoes is partly to blame. Learning to stand tall in high heels is a lesson worth taking, as it will sort out all these problems and more. There's an interesting article here on what to bear in mind.

How about you. What are your footwear resolutions for 2010?