louboutin-st-jeanne.jpgThere seems to be a bit of a micro-trend for studs and other embellishments to be arranged on top of clear or mesh layers. At first glance, this is a horrific concept, and one that should not be seen anywhere beyond the children's aisle. But when the likes of Louboutin give it a try, one has to take notice...

The obvious merit of such styles is that they can be worn atop bare skin, creating a sort of illusion of bejewelled feet. They look great on the red carpet, and can give an easy high glamour to a minimal outfit. In reality, the clear layers tend to discolour, looking decidedly naff.

I have to admit that I'm undecided on this one. Louboutin's St. Jeanne 85 studded pumps are beautiful to behold, and work just as you'd hope. But I think this is one style we should leave strictly to the professionals: all but the most expensive clear-panelled shoes are still a no-no due to their tendency to discolour. Am I right?

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