art-sandals.jpgIn my quest for the prefect pair of daytime summer sandals, I'm currently falling for Art shoes -- a conceptual footwear brand that combines striking colours and irregular forms with comfort and wearability. Comfort is still sadly lacking in a lot of summer footwear (and I've already got the blisters to prove it), so I was delighted when these 'Tropple' sandals fittted like a (very well-ventilated) glove. The soles are very bouncy and comfortable, giving you a spring in your step as you walk.

I've taken some shots of me wearing them with my denim jeans, as I think they make terrific trainer alternatives for when you want to scoot about without overheating. The colours are fab and will match with a lot of this season's shades, and this cheery style would go down a storm at festivals. The sandals are rugged enough to navigate a field, but are feminine enough to wear with a sun dress or skirt. The leather is seriously tough, and I can see these lasting me through many summers to come.

£88.99 at Raw Shoes . See the full range of Art Shoes here.