balmain-v-matalan.jpgSome styles lend themselves better than others do to copying, and the distinctive Balmain look is one that can be aped pretty easily. Matalan certainly know a thing or two about nailing a key trend, and I think they've done a good job with these zip strap sandals, pictured left.

On sale at a fraction of the cost of the shoes they pay homage to, these are a good way to get a bit of contemporary chic into your wardrobe without starving for a month first. What we like best about these shoes is that while they clearly haven't been made the expensive way, Matalan have paid ample attention to certain details: the zip around the front straps is real and functional!

Matalan zip-detail shoes (left) £14
Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain zipped multi-strap sandal (right), £769