ugg-flipflops2.jpgRegular readers will know that until very recently, my usual reaction to hearing the word "Ugg" was the phonetically similar "ugh". Like most people, I associated the brand only with its signature range of furry boots, and more usually with the cheap copies that have flooded the high street. Little did I know that there was a lot more to Ugg Australia than the classic boot styles, which are universally known for its comfort and warmth.

This summer, Ugg has brought a host of new styles to the UK that are physically as far away from furry boots as you can imagine, but which retain the supreme comfort that the brand has come to represent. There are flip flops, clogs, gladiators, wedges and thongs, many of them made using the same ultra-comfy poron technology used across Ugg's wider range, and with little cushions of sheepskin in selected styles. All are incredibly stylish and on-trend, with a range of yummy colours to choose from.

I'm a particular fan of the stylish Phoebe flipflop (pictured above) with its bronze and silver detailing. Despite being a thong shoe, there's nothing flimsy about it: it's cushioned in such a way that it works as an everyday shoe; no different in terms of comfort than wearing trainers.

ugg-sandals.jpgAnother style getting the Shoewawa seal of approval is the Hazel Wedge, pictured above in sand and jungle green. Absolutely perfect for summer 2010, it's the ideal shoe for those who want to wear sandals without getting blisters (the snug suede keeps feet gently in place) and high wedges without discomfort (the cushioned sole gives maximum padding). There are some lovely colours to chose from, and the jungle and chestnut styles have gold flecks in the cork wedge.

If you're fed up with destroying your feet in trendy sandals every summer, Ugg Australia has everything you need for a more foot-friendly season. But we love that they haven't compromised on style.

See Ugg's full summer collection here. For an extensive range of Ugg footwear, visit Ugg Australia's flagship stores in London's Covent Garden (0207 836 5729), Westfield (208 740 8446) or Manchester Cathedral Street. (0161 839 7956) (