new-york-street-style1.jpgNew York is always a glamorous place to be, but more so than ever at the moment as stars put on their gladdest of rags for the Sex and the City 2 premiere, along with OSOYou's own style gurus, Jess and Beth, who are reporting from the Big Apple this week, courtesy of HP, whose glamorous Digital Clutch appears in the movie.

Ever alert to a good pair of shoes, they've sent us a few pictures of what New York's trendsetters are wearing. Check out these styles to get an idea of what's hot!


Ms. Shoewawa loves the emphasis on vintage and retro styling that's evident from several of these pics. Top right are some two-tone Mary Jane wedges, available from our latest retail obsession, Anthropologie. The old-fashioned fold-down boots (above left, top middle) are from Japan and have a little bit of Victoriana about them, but look amazing with a pair of contemporary black leggings or floral playsuit.

Wedges are also clearly as much of a hit in the US as they are over here, with some lovely styles that really flatter the legs. Seen here, are Marc Jacobs' studded espadrilles (£380 at Selfridges), shown above middle. Worn with black nail polish, they look exceptionally striking and cool. The delicious-looking red slingback wedges, above right, are from Aldo.