office-wobble-wedge.jpgI fondly remember this shoe as the 'Wafa' wedge, as it was called when I bought it three or so years ago in black and wore it until I could wear it no more. It lasted at least another summer (I never forget the name of a shoe I've loved), was gloriously comfy, had that 'walking on air' feel to it that all good wedges should. It was also excellent value for money, so I was a bit dismayed when I did a search for 'Wafa' and couldn't find it anywhere on the Office website.

I needn't have worried too much though: having recently spotted it on the shelves in store I got in touch with Office who told me it's been renamed the 'Wobble Wedge' and is now back online for summer 2010! I love the new shade of red it comes in, and will be putting in an order pronto. Despite my love for the shoe I've found it divides opinion amongst shoe bloggers - so what do you think?

£45 at Office