gaga-elton-john.jpgLady Gaga and Elton John made a glamorous pair at the Rainforest Fund's 21st birthday celebrations last week,but it wasn't the clothes that anyone was looking at, which weren't even particularly memorable by Gaga's standards. Instead, it was the shoes: she wore a gravity-defying pair with no heels, which forced the star to be literally on her toes throughout the entire performance of Don't Stop Believin' (video evidence here!), which she and Elton sang as a duet. Reminding us of Posh's traffic-stopping heel-less boots, which she can take credit for bringing to our attention nearly two years ago.

Ms. Gaga had to remove one of the mind-boggling items to play the piano, but did pretty well to remain poised on both shoes throughout her sung performance. Elton's own footwear, meanwhile, was standard issue for the singer: flat, long and very sparkly. We've not received word on who made either, so if you're looking for a pair of your own, you're out of luck (and also somewhat derranged!)

[Image: REX]