wide-feet.jpgSomewhat unfortunately, for the editor of a shoe website, I'm not blessed with the sort of feet that can fit in most dainty shoe styles. They're too wide for many styles, spill over half the sandals I try and will never look right in D'Orsays. I remember being at the most humiliatingly wide end of that A-H kids' shoe system at school, and now find most adult styles too narrow.

It's taken me many painful years of trial, error and blisters to figure out which styles I can and can't wear, and I'm forever finding new ones to add to that list. I occasionally joke about the idea of having toes removed in a bid to fit narrower styles, but mostly I just accept this foot-failing as my punishment for being skinny. So I'm curious to know if I'm alone in feeling like shoes are getting narrower. I've bought the same style three years running, and found I couldn't fit into the third pair, leading me to suspect a trend towards meaner fittings.

So, those of you with wider feet: are you finding you have more problems than before fitting into shoes, or are my toes expanding? If you do have wide feet, what tricks have you found to feel better in shoes, and what styles do you prefer to wear that still look good?