shapeups.jpgA few weeks back, the PR people from Sketchers got in touch offering me the opportunity to try out their latest Shape-Up fitness trainers.

Now, having precisely one pair of trainers to my name (and they're really, really old), the concept of trying out a pair of trainers was a fairly new one to me. But they lured me in with the promise that wearing them would tone my legs up, give me a perkier bum, and improve my posture.

What more could a girl want, eh?

Here's how I got on...

Firstly, these are some seriously comfortable trainers. The rounded bit you can see on the sole of the shoe is designed to roll as you walk, but it also nicely supports the arch of your foot (an area I usually have a problem with in flat shoes).

Walking in them is simple enough, though it takes some adjusting to get used to the rocking motion. Basically, this rocking motion encourages you to stand up straighter, therefore improving your core and posture.

It's an odd sensation, but when you're walking in these, you can feel your calves working, and I've noticed that my whole leg is smoother and firmer since using these trainers on my daily dog walk.

I'd agree with most of the claims Sketchers make about these trainers, although I haven't seen a big weight loss from them, so I think you'd have to seriously up your activity in order to see a difference.

So, overall? I like them. They're great for the commute to work (even if they're not the prettiest footwear) and they're definitely a fairly easy way to improve your legs for the summer.

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