Functional footwear seems to be the essential item of most shoe brands at the moment. We reviewed the Sketchers trainers earlier today that claim to give you perfect pins, and now we've got a pair of slip on shoes from Scholl which promises to soften up your feet simply by wearing them for one or two hours a day.

Here's how I got on.

The shoes, which look very similar to the kind you get in a certain chain of hotels, come in white, pink or black. Each HydraStep Sandal has a layer of special moisturising gel in the sole of the shoe. It's this gel layer that's reportedly supposed to give your feet a pampering as you walk around.

So, the idea is that you go home and slip these babies on for a couple of hours, to prepare your feet for those summer gladiator sandals. They're easy to wear, and fairly comfortable too. But I'm not entirely sure that they moisturised my feet. After wearing them every day for a week, I can't say I noticed much of a difference.

They're a nice idea, but sadly they didn't quite match up to my expectations.