toni-pons.jpgJust occasionally, it's fun to find a label that nobody seems to have heard of and indulge in a little detective work to seek out where it's hiding. Toni Pons is a label I've discovered recently due to the interest in espadrilles that's reaching fever pitch this spring, and so far I've only managed to find a limited number of styles from the brand, which specialises in summer footwear.


All the shoes in this very 'Mediterranean chic' collection are stylish, different and highly affordable. They're made in a small factory in Croatia, and have something of a small-run look about them, which is why the prices are so surprising. I bought a pair of stylish wedge espadrilles from the brand at the Natural Store for around £30. Unfortunately, there are none for sale online, but with any luck, some should appear there soon. There's a small collection (though not, IMO, including many of the nicer styles) for sale online at Charles Clinkard

So keep an eye out for Toni Pons shoes this summer - they're the best-kept secret of the season! Full collection here.