neosens.jpgWhile she's on a bit of a Chie Mihara tip, Ms Shoewawa thought it might be a good idea to check out some other labels specialising in cool, contemporary Spanish design - particularly since she can't currently stretch to the aforementioned CM's prices. Neosens is a name that's coming through pretty strongly at the moment, so what has this Iberian brand got to offer this sunmmer?

Irregular, inventive and strikingly original, these are real 'get noticed' shoes without the discomfort of sky high heels and a little more affordable than some similar styles we've seen. We love the shaped wooden heels, which give bags of character to these limited edition sandals. There's a hint of Victoriana about them that would look amazing teamed with a vintage dress or floaty chiffon skirt, and we can't wait to get a feel of that soft-looking leather. Muy bonito.

£179 at Neosens