shabby-chic2.jpgI noticed a while back that Skechers seemed to have expanded their range pretty dramatically, and that there were quite a few new and more feminine-looking styles on offer. When this style from the Skechers 'Cali' range popped up on, I decided it was time I tried a pair out for myself. It was the cutesy floral print that ultimately persuaded me: a shabby-chic look that would look cute with denim and perk up other summer casuals.

What I didn't realise was how insanely comfortable these shoes are. Although they don't look it, the soles of the shoes are seriously soft and spongy. There's absolutely nothing to chafe or irritate the feet, and I could happily walk in them for miles. Not bad for a shoe that actually looks pretty and summery too!

We won't be seeing anything like these on the red carpet any time soon, but these are definitely the most stylish of the 'ultra comfy' category yet, and I'd happily wear them out as part of a laid back ensemble. Final verdict: there is simply no excuse to wear Crocs while shoes like this exist. Got that?

Skechers Spinners Tennis Club Mule: £25 at Very