statement-wedges.jpgIf 2009 was the year of the statement heel, it seems that this one is shaping up to be the year of the 'statement wedge'. Wedges are a gift to designers, providing a huge blank canvas to decorate and play around with, so I'm glad that so many are choosing to fill the void with their ingenious ideas.

Here, Schuler & Sons (left) have given character and style to their basic leather wedges by means of a bright needlepoint design in the summer's hottest and most striking colours. The embroidery is actually stitched on to the canvas stretched over the wedge. Finsk, meanwhile, have sculpted a contemporary irregular heel worthy of Lady Gaga, and used it to add abstract intrigue to their ponyskin ankle boots. Much kudos.

Schuler & Sons wedges, £118 at Anthropologie
Finsk ponyskin boots, £395 at Farfetch