chie-mihara-sale.jpgSometimes, I see a sale that gets me so excited I almost don't want to share. But in my duty as a bringer of the shoe love to all the other footwear fanatics on the internet, I feel it is my duty to mention this one, even though I'm saving up to buy a pair when they could sell out. Oh, the horror!

These beautiful t-bar shoes by Chie Mihara have been on Shoewawa's radar for ages, and they usually retail for well over £20. Here they are reduced by 50%, and oh so very tempting. The pic on the right is the same pair in taupe, worn in promotional material by one of our favourite Etsy sellers, Bagatelles & Co, which really illustrates how pretty these shoes are - it's the reflection of the light on the shiny discs that really makes them.

£117.50 (was £234.99) at Jules B