peacocks-ankle-tie.jpgQuite a few of the 'budget' high street brands are bringing out strappy, cage-like shoes similar to this one, which seem to hold up pretty well when rendered in what are clearly quite cheap fabrics. Last week, we loved New Look's patent strip heels, and these are not bad for an even lower price. I think what's key here is that the style is quite strong but not hard to copy, so that means plenty of cheap and cheerful disco shoes for scrimpers and savers!

I have a bit of a personal rule against recommending very high heeled shoes that have been mass-produced, as they can be pretty dangerous to walk in. This sort of style just about sneaks through because it's so tight around the ankle, making it a much safer shoe to walk around in, even with that skinny heel. I would recommend sole savers though!

£11 at Peacocks