zoo-shoes.jpg[Image: Hannah Goodrham]

The idea behind the Zoo Shoe is that each sneaker has an interchangeable upper or 'skin' which is separate to the sole and tongue. This means that once you've got one sole, you can swap and change the pattern on the shoe depending on your wardrobe decisions and mood, and don't need to replace the entire shoe when you get bored of one design. Everything is removed and replaced with a simple zip fastening, as per this video. Genius!

The shoes are still in prototype form, but they recently featured in Design Week's blog, and we think this is a great idea that could catch on. The man behind Zoo Shoes is Ben Flannaghan, who is currently up for an award to help develop his idea. If you think that Ben's got talent, and would like to see a 'buy here' link on this site any time soon, please show your support by voting for him in Loughborough Uni's student enterprise awards here!