eco-flipflops.jpgGlasto may be done and dusted, but festival season continues apace, with thousands of music fans and culture vultures heading out to Latitude this weekend. If you're planning on attending a festival later on in the year, flipflops are an absolute essential, and Simple Shoes have come up with an idea that's not only stylish and comfy - it's gorgeously green, too.

We all know how easy it is to misplace things at festivals (Ms Shoewawa has herself lost a shoe in a ditch while trying to escape from a festival mudbath, quelle horreur!), and if your flipflops slip off, you'll be littering the area with waste plastic that could be damaging to the environment. Simple's shoes are bio-degradable, so you can have as much fun without damaging any local wildlife if you lose one. Not that you'd want to, of course: they look extremely comfortable!

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