fitflops-electra.jpgSo I've been walking around in my Fitflops for a couple of weeks now, having set out to test the shoes and see (a) what difference they make to my general level of fitness and (b) whether they pass muster with my shoe-loving friends. So what's the verdict so far?

I found the shoe comfortable, and no challenge to walk in, possibly because I live in wedges, and the thick soles feel pretty similar to many wedge styles I'd wear anyway. On the fitness front, I immediately knew when I first did a 'circuit' in the shoes that something was happening, but I could mainly feel the burn in my lower legs, not my thighs and bum as I'd been expecting. My calf muscles now feel a bit more toned, and it's my hunch that this is where most of the improvement is happening, but we'll see what goes on further up my pins as the weeks progress!

Evidence that my body is working harder when wearing the shoes mainly came from a separate observation I'd made: that I always have a bigger appetite when I've been on a walk with my fitflops than when I've been wearing ordinary shoes. Strange but true: clearly I am using up more calories in the fitflops (and yes, dear reader. I generally do replace them as soon as I get home, but a more serious fitness fanatic may simply want to sit back and watch the pounds drop off!)

Next: what did Ms. Shoewawa's friends think of her Fitflops?