panema-flipflops.jpgWhen we compiled our pick of the best flipflop styles last week, we weren't yet aware of a brand that I've since discovered in my local department store, and have quickly come to love. iPanema make Havaianas-style flipflops from that same type of uber-soft Brazilian rubber that feels like a second skin on the feet, and there are all sorts of pretty, holiday-friendly designs to choose from, too. They're a little cheaper than Havaianas, with prices starting at just £10.

My personal favourite styles from the range are the Bollywood-inspired 'Bindi' shoes, which come in three colours: purple, red and a really vibrant shade of acid green that would look right at home on the beach. To wear, they really are super comfy, and mould to the feet like a dream, so there's none of that uncomfortable 'clenching' you get with so many flipflops.

Bindi is £12 online, £10 at some retailers including Selby's, Holloway Road!