fitflops-electra.jpgI'm totally new to the 'fitness shoes' phenomenon, so the experiment I'm going to be undertaking over the next few weeks should yield interesting results. I've been sent a pair of Fitflops to try, and having heard great things about their shaping and toning properties, will be putting the shoes through their paces on my regular walks around my local area. Will I feel fitter than I did in regular shoes? Only time will tell, and I'm giving myself three weeks to give them a fair trial.

But that's not the only way I'll be putting the shoes through their paces! Fitflops are quite unlike most other 'fitness shoes', in that they've actually tried to design their sandals to be easy on the eye. I've been given one of the new sparkly 'Electra' sequinned pairs, so the second half of my trial will entail wearing the shoes to the office, wearing the shoes to the pub and (scariest of all) wearing the shoes when I go to visit my mother. Will they pass muster?

In the meantime, if you like the look of my Electras, you can get them for £30 at North Shoes (they normally retail at about £49 on the high street)