best-flipflops-for-summer.jpgIt looks like the warm weather is set to continue for the time being, so if you haven't yet got your toes out, now may be the time to dip them into the metaphorical water. Flip flops are coolest shoes to wear in every sense of the word just now, and gone are the days when thong shoes had to be flimsy. Read on for our recommendations for easy summer footwear, and get ready for the beach!

Best for cheap & cheerful style: Accessorize range.

Accessorize quite simply have the best-looking collection of simple flip flops out there this summer. Their styles are all printed with interesting and summery designs, and cost between £8-10 for the printed variety; £12-14 for the seagrass sort. We're loving the bright and bold 'Inca print' style pictured top left (£8) the 'Ethnic Placement' style (£8) is seriously summery with a pink strap that will dazzle against browned skin and the Cath Kidston-esque floral pair (£10) with their clever cork effect. In fact, we're gonna buy all three..

Best for comfort and quality: Ugg

Ugg have really come out of their fluffy shell this summer and have shown themselves to be a true all-year-round brand. The great thing about their sandals and thongs is the emphasis on structure and comfort; both qualities that are more important in minimal summer shoes but are usually overlooked. You'll pay a fair bit more for your Ugg flipflops, but I would recommend them to anyone who plans to spend a lot of time walking in them, or who doesn't usually get on with flimsy shoes. The styles look fab too, and have really eye-catching graphic prints. Shown above are three versions of the Flare flipflop (£30); in fuchsia, pearl white and gold.

Best all round buy: Havaianas

You can't beat the cult of Havaiana if all you're looking for is a fun, cheerful summer shoe that won't immediately disintegrate in the Med. With a huge array of colours, patterns and shapes available, there really is something here for everyone. We love the way Havaianas have evolved, and responded to wearers' needs by coming up with so many different styles: the 'slim' range, the classic 'Brazil' style and all sorts of choices for strap type and placement. A wide range are available at Office from £19.99