save-your-sole.jpgSlipped on anything recently? Suffered a trip or fall? Don't worry, I'm not about to try and sell you any personal injury products, but I have noticed that a lot of shoes seem to have particularly flimsy soles these days, and for some reason it's the ones that most need decent grip (high heels and strappy styles) that don't have it. They can also wear thin pretty quickly, reducing the lifespan of your favourite shoes.

There are always ways to re-sole, so all is not lost if you love your party shoes a little too much and wear them into the ground. But one solution I rather like is provided by the stick-on soles by Save Your Sole; not least because they come in a variety of lovely colours to match your shoes existing soles.

Most importantly, the replacement soles are available in Louboutin red, so for just £9.99 you can give your most treasured shoes a new lease of life without taking away one of their most distinctive features. No more excuses for scratched-up Louboutin soles then (yes Dita, we're looking at you!)

Or, of course, if you want to fake the look, you can turn your high street heels into a realistic designer-clone in seconds!

For more styles and carefully tailored shoe-care solutions, visit Save Your Sole