Taylor-Momsen.jpgTaylor Momsen has been dishing to a magazine about her fashion choices; in particular, her penchant for clear-soled, skyscraper-high shoes. Asked where she shops, we're sure no one will be surprised to learn that the answer was 'stripper stores'.

Taylor said, 'Stripper stores mainly. Especially for shoes. I bought them [the clear stripper heels with tip cup] because they were tall.' She added, (as if we wouldn't believe her) "Seriously. I like to wear platform heels on stage and they're actually hard to find. But fans started putting money in them, so now they are filled with tons of bills. It's pretty amazing."

Perhaps this could explain the revival...are we all harbouring hope that someone will fill our own shoes to the brim with notes and coins, too? Talk about recessionista chic!

[Via OSOblog]

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